One of “those” days

You know the kind of day.

The kind where things start going wrong from the start, and nothing goes to plan.

Today was one of those days.

Thankfully, it ended on a more positive note.

Things started very early, with hearing noises from the basement and discovering Saffron had somehow found her way into the old part basement, discovering another cat had gotten into a plant pot and scattered dirt everywhere in the living room, to my daughter trying to vacuum the carpet and our vacuum cleaner suddenly starting to smoke and no longer creating a vacuum. I was planning to head to the smaller city to get a new air filter for the push mower, but my sleep had been interrupted so much, I felt too tired to be safe to drive. I figured I’d get a nap in, and go later. Of course, that got interrupted a few times, too, with scam phone calls about credit cards we don’t have, cats getting into the old basement again (my daughter found where they were getting through and blocked it), and so on. When I finally got up – which was disorienting, because it was still morning – my daughters convinced me to save making the trip for another day. I must have looked a sight for them to do that!

So basically, it was a pretty wasted day. I got nothing useful accomplished until evening, when it cooled down enough to do the evening watering. It was so windy today, the sawhorse the garden cam is attached to was knocked over, and I had to do some repair work on one of the stakes and lines over a row of sunflowers that had blown apart.

Also, the sound of wind going through the wire mesh on the squash tunnel is very musical!

I was quite happy to see a few of the summer squash are starting to bloom.

When I was finishing up watering at the front of the house, and was moving the hose out of the way, I heard an odd noise coming from the kibble house. I was behind it, so I couldn’t see, but figured there was a skunk inside. So I carefully walked around it and…

… it was empty.

But I was still hearing that noise.

So I ducked to look under the kibble house, where there is still a sheet of rigid insulation on the ground. There I saw a little black critter, and the noise was claws making warning scratches on the insulation. It was one of the baby skunks, all by itself!

It ended up dashing under the cat’s house. On seeing there was no food at all left in the kibble house, I topped things up a bit, then went to sit on the stairs to the storage house, where I had a view of the back of the kibble house and cat shelter. Sure enough, after a while, I saw the little guy come out, then make a run for the storage house. I did get a short video, but apparently, I can’t upload anything right now, or I’d include it here! As I walked away from the storage house, I just caught sight of the skunk family, ducking under the chain link fence and out of the yard. I’m glad the little one was reunited with its family!

So I guess that was a cute end to an otherwise miserable day.

For now, I’m hoping to get some decent – uninterrupted – sleep, so I can make the trip I was supposed to do today.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “One of “those” days

  1. Well, the squash is progressing nicely, and apparently the wind and wire thing is kind of cool so it’s not all bad.

    The skunk… I told yah they’d move in if not run off, lol. As for the rest of it:

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    • Interestingly, they seem to take off when they see me. I saw an adult in the kibble house when I came out the door. It looked at me and left. The mother must have been there with her kits and was startled off before I ever saw her.

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