Butterscotch Babies!

Today, we finally saw Butterscotch’s kittens!

They were in the junk pile by the house. Her favorite kitten spot. Whether they’ve been there this whole time, or if she recently moved them there, I don’t know, but the girls spotted them today. There are four of them.

My younger daughter had gone out to check on some new flowers blooming and spotted them. She sat on the ground and they came up to her. She was able to touch three of them. They were pretty chill about it.

When I came by, I could see movement among the spirea, but both of us being there seemed to be too much for them, so I went back to what I was working on.

Butterscotch was pretty chill about me being there! Which was a bit of a surprise. She has been very stand-offish of late, and most of the time, won’t even let me pet her. This evening, she was downright cuddly.

When I had the chance, I brought over some kibble and water near the junk pile, wetting down the kibble a bit so it would be soft for the babies.

The kittens got their first taste of kibble today.

In the low light, plus trying to zoom in, it was hard to get decent photos. The one next to Butterscotch’s head REALLY loved the kibble! It got right in the middle of the pile of food and stayed eating almost the entire time I was there.

The little calico had a bit, then went off to play.

Unfortunately, the girls are already talking about snagging the kittens and bringing them inside! At least the calico, since it’s most likely to be female. We still need to adopt out cats we already have inside, never mind bringing more in.

I’m not impressed that they’re even considering it.

Me, I’m happy to see the kittens, happy to work on socializing them, and happy to let them stay outdoors!

The Re-Farmer

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