Our 2022 garden: second box done

Sadly, we didn’t get any more rain today, but it has been very windy. Enough that we lowered the canopy tent as far as it can go, so reduce the chances of wind damage. It still has our camp chairs and makeshift table that we were using to cure onions on a screen, under it, and we can still duck under to sit in it.

I feel like a little kid in a fort. It’s awesome!

But I digress!

There was a break in the wind, and I took advantage of it to build the second low raised bed box to go where the garlic had been.

The build went much faster than the first one, now that we’ve got it figured out.

With stuff we’ve got going on over the next few days, we won’t be able to work on the third one, nor prep the empty beds for next year, until after the weekend. Which rather sucks, because the next couple of days are going to be really nice, then by Sunday, we’re expected to hit 33C/91F, and stay above 30C/86F for at least a few days. At least there is the possibility of more rain as well.

The third box will be a very quick build, since it will be only 1 board high. The bed it’s going to go on still has beets growing in it, so there is no hurry on that one. šŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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