Morning kitties, and mystery burrow

I had a very happy surprise this morning, as I headed out with kibble for the yard cats.

One of Junk Pile’s kittens was in the cat’s house, looking at me through the window!

Unfortunately, it ran out and off before I could get a photo. To I have these, instead.

Rosencrantz, Nosencrantz and Toesencrantz enjoyed their private dining area. 😀

I got to boop Nosencrantz on her nose as she gave my fingers a sniff, but she wouldn’t let me pet her today.

The kitten that was in the cat’s house is at the food tray, in between her two siblings. It has the same white and grey tabby markings their mother has. The kitten in the front looks just like Bradicous and Chadicous! I’m told I accidentally closed it up in the sun room a couple of nights ago, so I’m going to have to stop leaving the door into the sun room open behind me when I’m working in the yard. The girls had a hard time getting it to leave, because any time they came near, it would high. Apparently, the tuxedo and Nosencrantz were trying to rescue it. 🙂

While picking up fallen branches and adding them to the pile, I had an audience!

I am hoping their curiosity will help us eventually socialize them. 🙂

Kittens make for a great way to start the day!

On another note, we found a mystery burrow yesterday!

We found this near a tree, not far from the old doghouse critter shelters by the outhouse. I was working around there not long ago, so I know it wasn’t there just a few days ago.

We don’t know what critter made this! It’s way too small to be a woodchuck. It might be the size of a gopher/prairie dog hole, which are about half the size or less of a woodchuck, except they leave piles of soil around their dens, too. In fact, that’s part of the mystery. This is a very deep hole. Where is the dirt? There is no dirt scattered around at all. I’ve been trying to think of all the burrowing critters that live in our geographical area, and nothing matches. They are either too big or too small for the hole, or they leave hills around their dens. The closest I can think of is rabbits, and we don’t really have rabbits here. We have hares; the big ol’ jackrabbits that are the size of a small dog. There is one type of small rabbit that might be in our area, but from what I can find of what their dens look like, this isn’t it.

Curious, indeed!

I just moved the garden cam back to the driveway. Maybe I should set it up here, to see what lives here!

The Re-Farmer

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