Our 2021 garden: little surprises

I am happy to say that whatever had been eating our Teddy winter squash seems to have gone away!

These little guys are still around, and getting “big”. I found a 4th one of them, too.

I love how fuzzy they are at this stage!

While looking at the other beds, I had a few little surprises.

I am not only finding more of King Tut purple pea pods, but there are more flowers, too! This just amazes me. These should have been done long ago, even under ideal growing conditions, but they’re still chugging along!

I am leaving any pods that develop to go to seed, for next year. I figure something that could not only survive our drought, but is still managing to produce, is well worth planting again!

Then there are the green peas that were planted among the corn.

Some are starting to bloom! This one is among the sweet corn in the northernmost block. These are the tiniest of the corn. The peas are a real mix in their progress. Some are barely more than seedlings, while others are growing more enthusiastically.

This is one of the biggest pea plants I found, growing among the Dorinny corn that I’m leaving for seed. I’m even finding some among the purple corn that is also being left for seed at this point.

If things stay mild, we might actually have green peas to pick. The ones we planted in the spring did not handle the drought well, and hardly any pods developed. These late planted ones are getting much better temperatures right now.

This has been such a difficult year for gardening, I’m happy with anything we get!

The Re-Farmer

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