Counting kittens, and bonus Cabbages

When I start my morning rounds by putting kibble out for the outside cats is when we see the most cats and kittens all at once. I made a point of trying to count all the kittens this morning. Yesterday, I counted twelve. This morning, I counted eleven.

I caught a baby, over on the far right, in mid meow! πŸ˜€

They are a bit easier to see in this photo. Over on the left, beside Potato Beetle, Broccoli, with Caramel next to her. The orange tabby is Toesencrantz, and on the right of the kibble house is Tuxedo Mask and Bradicous, with his distinctive white tail tip. Outside the kibble house is the Junk Pile Jr., the grey and white that looks so much like her mom.

Sharing a bowl with Caramel is another of Junk Pile’s kittens. I believe that one has been dubbed Sadicous. LOL Of the two other greys inside the kibble house, I believe the one looking at the camera is Chadicous, and the one standing up in the back, with the white legs, is Junk Pile’s fourth baby, tentatively named Tadicous.

That leaves the grey kitten with the white chest, outside the kibble house, as the mystery kitten. Either that, or that one is Chadicous, and the one inside the kibble house, looking at the camera, is the mystery kitten.

The mystery kitten that made number 12, yesterday, did not have any distinctive colours or markings, either. It had to be one of the grey tabbies, or the more muted calico types, like Caramel. It’s really hard to tell, when they run around so much.

Nosencrantz, at least, is nice and easy to spot! πŸ˜€

This morning, not only did Nosencrantz let me pet her after taking this photo, I was able to pick her up and hold her for a few moments! This makes her officially more socialized than her mother, who will sometimes let us pet her, but that’s about it.

Nosencrantz has such very, very soft fur!!

So does this bonus baby.

Cabbages is so adorable!

It is still somewhat startling to go outside and see what I at first think is Cabbages, only to remember that I’m looking at Broccoli. πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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