It’s a bit nippy out there…

Yesterday, I made sure to give the outside cats an extra feeding in the evening. With the cold temperatures, they need more calories. There was even a bit of kibble left in the trays when I came out this morning.

Very few cats came out when I gave them more food.

Smart kitties!

This one wouldn’t even move away from their window! Just gave me this “are you kidding me?” look through the frost and nose prints. 😀

It was viciously cold out there.

I took this screencap well after I’d come back in. -30C/-22F is bad enough, but that -41C/-42F wind chill was the killer! The wind is from the south right now, so we were feeling every bit of it. It’s not even a particularly brisk wind, but it doesn’t take much, at these temperatures!

With the driveway clear, we were thinking to go into town today but, after doing my rounds, I decided we could wait another day. Mainly, I do not want to risk our van in these temperatures. It does not do well with cold. Also…

That’s right. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to warm up to -6C/21F !!

That would be a good day for the girls to climb through their window and shovel snow off the low angled parts of the roof, too.

Ugh. Another down side to these temperatures. The sounds the pumps make in the basement change, and they worry me incessantly. If both the well pump and septic pump happen to be running at the same time, it drives my anxiety levels through the roof!! I was about to say this will be a good day to catch up on laundry, but there are times when I fear using our water.

The Re-Farmer

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