Would you look at this lady!

I caught her, mid stretch!

Marlee has been doing quite well. I’m starting to find her sleeping in my bed more often – even with other cats on the bed! When I took this photo, there were four other cats sleeping on the bed.

She’s been hissing and growling at the other cats less often, and showing more interest in actually leaving the room – though she is very nervous about it! At some point, she snuck out of the room while I was sleepily making my way to the bathroom. I had no idea she was gone until one of my daughters messaged me to let me know her sister had found Marlee, sitting in a loaf, on the bath mat. Being half asleep herself at the time, and without glasses, she was thoroughly confused by the sight of a “strange” cat in the bathroom. She returned Marlee to my room, and I never heard a thing!

Usually, though, she’ll sit politely by the door, looking at me, but when I go to open it, she starts spinning around. There is usually at least one cat outside the door when I open it, and that’s often enough for her to change her mind about going out. Sometimes, she’ll run out, do a quick explore, see too many other cats, and run back in.

Still, that’s more than Butterscotch and Nosencrantz have been doing!

Potato Beetle, meanwhile, has settled right in like he’s been in the house forever. He has especially taken to my husband, and will often settle on his chest and go for a nap. Keith used to do that, to the point that when a cat did that, we’d say “I’ve just been Keith’d!” My husband misses Keith, and is quite enjoying being Keith’d by Potato Beetle. 💛

The Re-Farmer


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