Accepted… sort of

Oh, look! I got a picture of Ginger!

Ginger has become accepted as one of the few cats Nosencrantz, Butterscotch and Marlee, will accept in the room with them. Almost. Nosencrantz will still hiss and run off. Butterscotch ignores him and keeps her distance. Marlee will sometimes hiss at him and block his way when he tried to go for the door. He’s more intimidated by her, than she is of him! Overall, though, we’re able to let him into the room to enjoy a nice soft bed to nap on – and an extra feeding of wet cat food in the evenings. Better than having him trying to hop down the stairs to join the other cats at feeding time in the basement! Even if he’s not in my office, the girls will make sure to bring up some wet cat food for him, after feeding the cats downstairs, so he doesn’t have to push his way through other cats to get some.

I think he’s quite appreciating the special privileges he’s getting!

Yeah. We love spoiling him!

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Accepted… sort of

  1. I’m so glad. They all deserve spoiling to some degree. One of the colony outside has injured a front leg. It doesn’t seem to be causing pain though to watch her it looks like is should. She is one of the ones who was trapped and spayed. But, she was hanging out down at my mother’s place, I guess to get away from the crowd. I’m hoping you stays close to safety where ever she goes because she would never get away from a predator with t hat limp.

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