It’s a Potato!

We’ve got ourselves a Potato Beetle for your daily cuteness!

Yes, it looks like the Potato has become one of the elect few that the ladies will allow in my office/bedroom without much issue. Which is good, since Butterscotch is his mother! Not that she wants anything to do with him, any more than she wants anything to do with any other cat!

Potato Beetle has had a couple of battles. He doesn’t start them. Leyendecker went after him hard recently, and Potato stood his ground. Not sure if they worked out their pecking order issues, but I haven’t seen them go at it, since.

The Potato, however, is perfectly content to just wander around the house, eat, sleep, and commandeer my husband for love and naps. If all the other cats left him be, as most of them do, he’d leave them be, too!

Pretty easy transition for an outside cat, that’s for sure!

The Re-Farmer


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