It’s a shrimp!

Nosencrantz may turn into a ball of anxiety around the other cats, but she’s completely different, with me!

She has completely adopted me as her own, personal human. Incredibly affectionate. This is her napping after a hard session of “pet my face! Now!” 😄

She has the softest fur of all the cats.

Does it make up for her habit of crapping in all the wrong places? I gotta admit, when I had crawl on my hands and busted up knees to clean up another mess in the shelf behind my night stand at 2am, I certainly didn’t think so!

I’ve blocked off the space now. She has lost one of her hidey holes for when she runs away from the other cats.

After I cleaned everything up, blocked it off, and went back to bed, the little bugger came over and began snuggling me.


I’m such a sucker for the cats.

The Re-Farmer

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