Quick morning update

Check out the fur babies!

There was a milling crowd at the door when I came out with the kibble! I counted 20 this morning. Lots of hungry babies!

Yes, I consider them all babies. Including the old timers! 😄

We had a thunderstorm roll through at about 2am last night. I actually slept through it! My older daughter was up working, though, so after it ended, she went out and checked for any damage. Everything looked okay, thankfully.

While I did my rounds this morning, I spotted these.

Some of the tulips have flower buds!

Where my mother lives, just a 20 minute drive away, people have tulips that are already blooming, but we’re not quite there, yet!

It’s so nice to finally see things leafing out, too. Some of the silver buffalo berry have leaves showing, but their silvery colour makes them hard to see! Most other things just have leaf buds getting bigger, but not opening yet. With the rain we got, plus more in the forecast, things should start getting green soon.

I won’t be getting much work done outside today, though; I’m heading to my mother’s to help with errands. By the time I get back, we’ll be expecting more storms. We’ll see how things work out!

The Re-Farmer


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