Warming Up

I must say, I’ve been really enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having lately!

There is a down side to it, though.  Insects that would normally be hibernating right now, are coming out in droves.  Flies, I’m used to, but mostly it’s these guys.


They are EVERYWHERE!  As I started this post, there was one crawling up the wall.  Every now and then, we hear the distinctive “tick” of one of them landing on the floor or some other hard surface.  They congregate on window sills and corners.  When washing up before bed, I find them crawling across the soap.  Every now and then, we’ll discover one that’s crushed on the floor, as we’ve inadvertently walked on them.  I’ve even found my beside touch lamp triggered by several of them, walking along the metal base. !!

Our daughters have been vacuuming them up several times a day, lately.  Unfortunately, that’s not really an option on the main floor.

These are not our local species of ladybug (coccinellidae).  I’m told that these are the imported Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis) that we were told have been particularly bad this past summer.

Apparently, they bite, too.

Not much we can do about it but vacuum them up, really.  They’re still a beneficial bug, but can be a problem in greater quantities.


Maybe we can take a lesson from our cat and just chill.

That’s her, with her chin draped over the plant stand, in front of my crochet corner.  She has a thing about draping her chin over things.  Or using objects as chin pillows.  Typically, not the object the rest of her body is on. 😀

In other news, I got a call back from the septic guy that has been coming to our farm for many, many years.  I’d left a message for him over the weekend, mentioning that the tank hasn’t been done in at least two years.  We are concerned that the tank might back up into the basement, as has happened in the past, now that there’s suddenly 4 people using the system.  He remembered the farm and the ejector system we have.  While he was willing to come out and do the tank, he recommended against it, while the ground was still frozen.  He was confident that we’d actually be okay until the fall.  To get it done now, while the ground is still frozen, introduced a potential risk.  It would take a while for the tank to fill again with water, triggering the ejector to send it out to the field, far from the house.  Normally, any water in the pipes after it was emptied would drain back into the tank, but with the ground shifting over the years, there would be pockets of water remaining that would freeze, or the septic field itself would freeze, over the days it would take before warm water was once again being ejected from the tank.  This would cause a major problem.  The only way to fix that would be to find the blockage, then dig a hole to the pipe to repair it.  In his opinion, emptying the thank now would put us at greater risk for that sort of scenario than for our tank having too much solids.

So I’m thinking that we will likely get it done in the late spring (the earliest he recommended), then go back to having it done every September.

Meanwhile, I got a response from another expert I’d asked advice for regarding our situation with the Co-op we left behind.  It was most helpful.  He made some of the same recommendations the lawyer did, but had other suggestions that the lawyer, not being as familiar with housing co-ops, would not have known to suggest.

Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to still deal with this crap.

Speaking of dealing with crap…

painMy husband had a medical appointment today, adding two more people to his team of caregivers; a joint meeting with a dietician and a diabetic nurse.  It was not pleasant.  He was having a very bad pain day.  Pain is a complicating factor, as pain causes high blood sugar reading.  So does things like lack of sleep, and numerous other things.  We’re basically treating a symptom.

Thankfully, on having it pointed out to them that he was in great pain at that moment, they were willing to cut through the usual stuff (which he’d heard before, anyhow) and go straight to options.  The best one of them being that, in the future, they could have these appointments over the phone, instead of him coming in.

Meanwhile, I took advantage of the appointment and got the process started to move my own medical files over – then ran into an old friend in the waiting room!  It was good to see her again.  I look forward to our being able to get together to catch up.

Slowly but surely, little by little, we’ll get all this medical stuff switched over to our new home.

The Re-Farmer






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