For the Birds

Alas, no deer photos today.  None dared go past the snowman to get to the feed.

The birds, on the other hand, had no such issues.

I played around with the preset settings on the camera today and found that the landscape setting seems to address a problem I’ve had with some photos I’ve attempted.

Getting images of the birds when they are sitting in the lilac bush.


This redpoll is on a branch that broke from the weight of our recent snowfall.  It is at the far side of the bush from our window, so there are twigs and tall grass in the way.  It’s pretty rare for the birds to perch somewhere that doesn’t have twigs or branches in the way of a clear shot. The camera will keep trying to focus on the things in front, and in the time it takes me to get it to focus past them, the birds are usually gone.  But on this setting, it seemed to ignore the things in the foreground and focus on the larger objects behind them.

I’m still at a loss about the purple that is in the photo.  It’s there in the original, unadjusted image.  When I lighten the images for these posts, it brings the purple out just like any other colour in the image.

It’s not in all of them, though.


This is actually the first photo I took today.  The bluejay is perched lower down on the broken branch.  You can see the shadows of twigs in between the camera and the blue jay.

No purple in sight!

Any camera people who can explain it to me?

I also got a nice shot of a blue jay in the sun.

Oh, those colours!

I think I could happily paint the entire house in that blue on its head, neck and shoulders.

Hopefully, tomorrow, the deer will be brave enough to emerge from the trees and I’ll be able to get some photos of them, too.

The Re-Farmer

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