A New Cat!

I was settling in at my computer in the office, when my daughter happened to glance out the window.  She spotted a new cat!

I just barely got a picture with my phone through the window before it went out of sight.


This makes number nine!  Our seven regulars, the Mothman, and now this guy.

It may be one of the cats from my brother’s place, up the road, but I don’t recall ever seeing it there.  Not that I’ve seen all of the cats he’s got in his yard, to begin with. 😀

On the down side, the reason my daughter was near enough to see it was because she was plugging in an extension cord for our handheld vacuum.  She was a sweetheart and sucked up the many Asian lady beetles on the window in the bathroom.  I had just done my own window, after counting 22 of the buggers crawling around.  Then there were the ones on the floor.  Almost immediately, another one showed up on the window, and when I picked up my USB cable to upload the above photo, I found another one on the cable.

Argh!  I just saw yet another, crawling along near my modem!

I like lady bugs/lady beetles. Honest, I do.  They eat aphids and stuff.  I just prefer them outside, not crawling around all over the place, or bouncing off my head.  These things don’t seem to have landing gear.  They just drop, with a loud *tick*, then spend the next while trying to right themselves and tuck in their winds before crawling along.

I made the mistake of glancing down at the floor.  Two more crawling along there…


Enough!  Back to cute things!

Like cats.  And deer.

It was busy outside our living room window, and a lot more orderly!  The deer came in their little groups, rather than all at once, coming back several times each, throughout the day.

The first two were Hungry Girl and Barbecue.


It was earlier in the morning, so the windows had a lot of glare on them.  The deer were also very distracted.

By cats.

They were all over the place!  Running across the feeding station, sparring in the bushes, making their way through the spruce grove… We even saw the Mothman climb up on top of the stack of pallets or whatever is under the tarps, with Rolando Moon very carefully climbing up to check her out.

Only Butterscotch paused long enough in a spot we could get a decent photo, though. 🙂


I even had a co-operative redpoll.


Detail and her boy came by, and I tried to get photos of her boy’s antler nubs, but the glare was just too much.

Mama and the twins paid a visit, too.


It was quite a party out there!

The Re-Farmer

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