New Sparrow: updated

First off, a happy mother’s day to all the moms out there.  I hope you had a lovely day of it.  My own was nice and quiet, and I am quite delighted with my early mother’s day gift from my husband; an OBD II diagnostic tool that plugs into the van, with readings sent to an app on my phone via Bluetooth.

According to it, the van is doing just great.  In the near future, I’ll have to get my daughter to drive, so I can see what readings come up while driving.

My husband knows what makes my heart to pitter patter very well! 😀

We haven’t been seeing any deer lately, again, though the piles of feed I’m leaving out in the evening are gone in the the morning, so they do seem to still be coming out.  There is still plenty of scattered grain for the birds, though.  Right now, we’re still getting mostly fox sparrows and white throated sparrows, but today we saw a new one.


There were only two of them, so we almost missed them among the other birds.


Next to the white throated sparrow, you can see the bodies are almost identical, until you get to the head, neck and chest.  I’m guessing that means it’s also a type of sparrow, but a quick search for sparrows has brought up nothing with a head like that.  I’ll have to try looking some more later, but if you happen to know what it is, please feel free to let me know in the comments. 🙂

Update: May 14

It looks like the new bird is a Harris’s Sparrow.

The Re-Farmer

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