Flame Roasted Potatoes

I roasted potatoes in yesterday’s cookout, and I thought I’d share. 😀

To make these, you will need;


  • Large potatoes (1 per person)
  • Butter and seasonings
  • heavy duty aluminum foil, pieces sized to wrap each potato in a double layer
  • fire

Start by thoroughly scrubbing the unpeeled potatoes, then stabbing them all over with a fork.

For the butter and seasoning, you can use plain butter, then add coarse salt (how we usually do it), or you can make a flavored butter using whatever 20180604.fire.roasted.potatoes2seasonings you like.  This time, I added paprika, fresh ground pink Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper, dill and garlic powder.

Generously cover the potatoes with the butter and seasonings.  Tightly wrap each potato in a double thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil.

Don’t skimp on the foil.  😉

Time to go outside!

Prep a small fire and let it burn down.  When you have a layer of coals, place the foil wrapped potatoes directly on top of the hot coals.

Build the fire up again on top of the potatoes.

Enjoy your fire for about an hour, letting it burn down to coals. Gently move the foil wrapped potatoes out of the coals and remove to a container that can handle high temperatures.

The time is completely a judgement call.  A lot depends on the size of the potatoes and how hot the fire gets.  You might want to try for 45 minutes the first time you do it, and adjust for the next cookout.

Because there will be another cookout! 😀


Carefully unwrap the foil (I used two forks) and cut a potato in half.

As you can see, this potato was VERY well done!  Which I’m okay with, as the skin serves as a bowl.

While the potato is cooling, roast some wieners over the fire.


Add flavorings to taste.  I had some of the flavored butter used on the outside of the potatoes left, so I put some of that on one half, and sour cream on the other.  Then I used a fork to mix in the flavorings, in the skin “bowl”.

I think, the next time we do this, I’ll roast 2 potatoes per person instead of one!  It was SO good!

These can also be left to cool and eaten later.  Just unwrap and reheat in the microwave, or chop into cubes to use to make hash browns, or to make a potato salad.

Enjoy!  And please remember to exercise fire safety precautions, at all times.

The Re-Farmer

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