More Kittens, and hot stuff!

Butterscotch’s kittens came out to play again this morning.   Which, unfortunately, happened to also be at prime reflections-on-the-window time, so getting any decent photos as all was a challenge!

But, I did get a few. 😀

No sign of any cats at all right now, in the early evening.  I suspect they have all found ways to hide away to beat the heat!


37C = 98.6F
39C = 102.2F

Much to my surprise, we are no longer getting thunderstorm warnings.  Though, from what I hear, the city we moved away from got hit with a massive one this morning.  The weather system was moving in from that direction, so perhaps that’s why we are no longer predicted to get any.

After picking my younger daughter up from work, the girls and I swung by the grocery store and they picked up birthday cake and ice cream for me.  The ice cream is going to help beat the heat, too!

I will now go finish my bowl of ice cream before it turns into a bowl of creamy soup. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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