Reading the signs

Though it’s only the end of August, everywhere we look, we see the signs of autumn.


This is one of the crab apple trees in the West yard.  The apples are smaller than usual.  Though the apples are not ripe yet, the tree, like so many others, is turning colour and dropping leaves already.


One of the plum trees has completely changed colour already, and the plums…


Most have already dropped, and what few remain on the tree are looking like these.

Today was our day for heading into the city for our monthly shop.  Along the way, we saw flocks of Canada Geese in the fields, taking a break from heading south.  We’ve been seeing them in fields on the way to town, too.

On the drive home (when it was warmer), the snakes were out.  I was able to avoid a couple, but the highway had many squished snakes on it that others did not miss.  They have been making their way to their hibernation dens to the north of us for at least a couple of weeks, now.

I had seen a news article about how it’s expected to be a mild winter this year, but earlier, I’d see that The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a long and bitterly cold winter, with possibly a late spring as well.

From what I’m seeing, I think The Farmer’s Almanac is likely to be the more accurate prediction. 😦

Either way, we’re going to have to start our fall preparations for winter over the next few weeks.

The Re-Farmer

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