Hello, down there


The larger of the orange tabbies now has a name.

Meet Jim.

I’m told there’s a tangential story behind this name.  I don’t know what it is. 😀

Jim wasn’t too keen on me coming closer to get his photo, and kept moving around.  From here, though, you can see the “platform” the cats like to sit on, to look into the kitchen.  This is where this tree had been cut down before.  There are also places where I can see larger branches had been cut down, too.  And yet, in a remarkably short time, when it comes to growth speed of trees, it is once again overhanging the roof.

Which is why we have decided that it’s going to need to come down completely, to protect the house.

While that will solve one serious problem, taking it down is also going to loose a lot of the shade it provides, which is why it was planted there in the first place.

It also means taking away one of the cats’ favorite spots.

I’m still entertaining the thought of leaving a trunk tall enough to make it a table.

The Re-Farmer


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