Changed plans

pain.scaleAh, life.  The things you throw at us.

While, thankfully, my husband did not injure himself when the kittens tried to kill him, and he ended up falling, it did not leave him entirely unscathed.  As time went on, it became clear he did pull some muscles (I guess that should count as an injury?), and now he’s in even more pain than usual.

Unfortunately, it means he won’t be able to go into the city tomorrow to see his father, and his sister before she flies back home.  She has no transportation to come to our place.

Which sucks.  It’s not like we can go and visit her, as she lives in another province, so the only time we get to see her is when she is able to come out here.


Among the other changes in plans was a trip into town today.  We made it to the pharmacy before it closed, but the hardware store closed at the same time, so we missed that one.  The girls and I will still be going into the city tomorrow, though, so maybe we’ll be able to stop somewhere to get what I need, then.  Among other things, I want to pick up one of those 4 packs of padlocks, so we can cut the glued lock at our back gate, then replace the locks of both gates with new locks.  This way, the same key will be good for both gates, and we’ll have a couple of spares for when it happens again.

The sad thing is, it’s not a matter of “if” it’ll happen again, but “when.”  The last time it happened was 4 months ago, so I don’t expect it to happen again soon, but I do expect it to happen.

I was hoping we could pick up a surveillance system – one of those systems that can have multiple cameras – but the cost is too much for right now.  The next few months are the ones with the highest expenses.  It’s bad enough we won’t be able to do the trees until spring (and the plumber still hasn’t called us back).  Getting me to a dentist has topped the priority list.  *sigh*

One of the things my mother tried to dangle in front of us, to persuade us to move here, was that she would not be charging us rent, in exchange for us paying the utilities and taking care of the place.  She honestly believed that she was doing us a favour with that offer.  Just like she seems to have really believed that, by moving here, we wouldn’t have to buy groceries because we could have a garden. ???  Well, we do plan to do some gardening and plant fruit and nut trees and berry bushes, but that will require investment, first!

Since moving here, and talking to her about the stuff we’ve found, the work we’ve had to do and the things that need fixing, she’s started to admit that she never had to worry about any of this.  My dad took care of all this for her.  While she has started to have some understanding of just how much my dad and the boys took care of that she didn’t know about (she kept us girls close to the house to do our “duty as a woman”), she still hadn’t grasped the extent of it.  On the one hand, even with the increased expenses of utilities (our equal payment plan for electricity, which starts next month, will be just under $300; more than double what it was, at the highest, before we moved – just as one example), not having to pay housing charges (kinda like rent) at the co-op anymore does “save” us money.  On the other, anything that isn’t taken up by higher expenses due to living here ends up going into the property itself.  Unless it ends up going into van repairs.  So while we’re not slowly falling behind, like we were before, we certainly aren’t getting ahead.  We did sort of expect that, when we agreed to move here.  I think it will be some time before my mother understands that.  Thankfully, my older brother, who is to inherit this place, does understand, and is doing what he can to help, including working to make sure this place is properly insured!

After being here for almost a year, I can say that this was a good move for us – at least for my husband and I.  I think the girls got the short end of the stick, unfortunately.  Long term, it will work out.

The short term is going to be a bit rough. :-/

The Re-Farmer

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