Wait a minute… who are you?

After our deer visitor left this morning, I went out to feed the cats.  Once again, I saw the black and white dad-cat on the dresser in the sun room – and once again, he ran off as soon as he saw me.  The rest of the cats were milling about as if they were starving.  The girls had put food out for them last night, but the bowls were completely empty by morning.  The braver of the cats were eating the food before I even finished filling the bowls!


Then I stepped back to let the shier ones get to the bowls, and watched them for a bit.  There’s Rosencrantz (or Guildenstern) at the top; Butterscotch and The Outsider on either side.  Big Jim and Bob next to Beep Beep and Doom Guy, then Rosencrantz and Guilden… wait…


Three of them? 

Who’s that at the top, then?

I was sure it was one of the kittens, but could it be The Hand?  We haven’t seen her in ages.  It’s way too tiny to be The Hand, though.  Isn’t it?

Whoever it was, she wasn’t able to get to the food, so I grabbed a handful for her to put in another container I’d been using for water.


Later, I went through some old photos to try and find a picture of The Hand I could compare with.  This was not easy, as she was so shy, there were very few photos good enough to use for identification.

I was able to confirm, though, that this is indeed, The Hand.  Not only that, but back in May, I got a quick picture of a strange cat through my office window, and it was the grey tabby dad-cat!  We only saw him a couple of times, back then.  Now he comes by regularly.  The girls tell me they see him more often, of late, on the living room roof, looking at them through their window upstairs. 😀


The grey and white dad-cat was skirting around the flower garden, waiting for me to leave so he could eat, too.

That took a while, as I had to go back into the sun room to grab some bird seed and refill the feeders.  Then I went over to where the deer had been pawing at the ground, under the spruce branch he was nibbling.

I was followed.


The Outsider came along, found a stick and started pouncing on it.  Oh, the ferocious beastie! 😀


Then Butterscotch planted her butt right where the deer had scratched away some of the snow. 😀

I followed his tracks along the spruce grove all the way to the fence, where I could see where he jumped the fence.  He took advantage of our clearing under the spruces and along the fence line.  Which makes me happy; clearing the area has not only made it easier for us to get to things, but easier for the deer, too!

Beep Beep joined me while I was out.


She was very insistent about her snuggles!

I had a whole trail of escorts, this morning!


Butterscotch wanted up, too, but not while Beep Beep was on my shoulder!


Doom Guy joined us as well.  And who is that, off in the bushes, following along?  Has Rolando Moon joined me again?


Nope! Not Rolando Moon – it’s Big Jim!

This is the first time he’s followed me during my rounds. 😀


The Outsider even came along, too.  All done attacking sticks, I guess. 😀

I just can’t get over those eyes.  So intense!


Unfortunately, Beep Beep decided to attack Butterscotch.  Again.  Several times. 😦

Beep Beep is very mean to Butterscotch.  She hisses at the kittens, but it’s Butterscotch she attacks.  Even when I reached the garage, she sought out Butterscotch by the covered post pounder and went after her, chasing her under the tarp.


Doom Guy had run ahead of me and decided the fence post was much more comfortable than the snow covered ground! 😀

I’ve started to use Flickr to store my photos until I can afford to upgrade my WordPress and have more room for photos.  Flickr is in the process of changing their free accounts.  No longer will free accounts have up to 1Tb of free storage.  They are going to limit it to 1000 files.

On learning that, I checked my personal account, which I haven’t used for some time.  Turned out I had over 5000 photos on there.  They have a way to request all your data be made available into downloadable zip files, so I did that.  Last night, I downloaded them all and started looking through them.

I made an interesting discovery in some photos I took, the last time we made a road trip and visited my dad before he died.  That was in 2015, and I had some cat pictures in there.  My dad loved having all those cats outside!  He would sit outside on the grey chair we still use, or his walker, and they would hang out with him.  Even the mean, long haired orange tabby I remember trying to attack my fingers through the window!

I also found pictures with Rolando Moon, Beep Beep, Butterscotch, Nasty Crime Boy and Trüllbus the Crime Eater.  There were several others that we don’t see any more, but I was surprised to find Beep Beep and Butterscotch.  When we moved here, they were so small, I thought for sure they were younger; just a year or two old, maybe.  Nope.  They are at least 4 years old.

But then, I just mistook The Hand for one of the kittens, so maybe I’m not the one to guess cat ages! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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