Cat Routine

What a day it is turning out to be, today!

It’s supposed to be the last colder day, today (which has since been extended another day). Though it’s supposed to warm up to -9C this afternoon, high winds are expected to make things chillier. Which has translated to a day with sunny skies and calm one minute, blustering snow and low visibility the next, then back again!


I just wanted to share this picture I took of Rolando Moon yesterday morning, before I took the video I posted yesterday. She was so funny, up on the bird feeder. She wouldn’t come down until I started adding more feed to the platform for the birds. 😀


It didn’t take her long to get back up again, and she spent quite a bit of time up there, watching the birds, deer and other cats, from on high.

After seeing Butterscotch’s condition yesterday, we kept checking out the bathroom window to see how she was doing. She stayed in there for much of the day, sitting on my late father’s favorite swing bench. At one point, she had 5 other cats all bundled around her!

I managed to get a picture of this, through the window.


She and Ferdinand look so cozy together!

So sweet!

It’s been interesting to see how our regular outside cats have completely accepted the strays coming in. I was about to say, except for Rolando Moon, but she bullies all the cats, not just the new toms. 😀 The toms, on other hand, do not get along with each other very much at all. It is not unusual for me to do my rounds and find tufts of fur or even blood, either in the sun room, just outside the doors, or along the paths.

When I went out into the sun room this morning, Butterscotch was in the cuddle corner. Her eye that was stuck shut yesterday is now open, though it is still leaky. Her nose seems to be leaky, too.

She still does not look at healthy, but she was going outside the sun room for food and water, so that’s an improvement.

I was still joined by cats while doing my rounds. As I worked my way around the house, I had Bob following me along. He doesn’t usually follow me around during my rounds, and it seems it was only because he was really, really interested in the smell of one part of my boot.:-D He was not averse to being petted while he sniffed, though. Unlike Rolando Moon, who likes to follow, but doesn’t really want direct attention.

When I continued along the spruce grove, I was joined by Beep Beep, who very much wanted direct attention! She loves to go back and forth across my shoulders, in between demanding face pets – at least until I start walking back to the house.

As I was crossing to the sun room doors, I was entertained by the sight of Bob come running down the path along the old flower garden, taking the turn towards me so fast, he actually skittered in the snow. Too funny!

At a time of year when we’re all getting really tired of the cold and wind, these guys sure to make the morning routine a lot more enjoyable!

The Re-Farmer

(ps: and now it’s all snow and high winds out my window again!)

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