Bonus critter pictures, and hospital updates

My daughter had her first Sunday shift today; at only 4 hours long, we left later and I simply stayed in town until she was done.

As we were getting ready to head out, I popped out to see if there were any cats to say hello to.

I saw none, but heard a noise above my head. It took a bit, but I found her – Rolando Moon had been on the roof, and was making her way down the tree towards me.

She paused at their favourite sitting spot, where I could reach to pet her – and get a few pictures that I just love and have to share! These are in chronological order. 😀


That’s just how she rolls! 😀

It was quite a lovely day today, and the cats were enjoying it as much as they could! By the time I got those pictures, I had three other cats come out to see what was going on!

After I dropped my daughter off at work, I went to the hospital to see my husband. He was just finishing up lunch, and told me they were soon going to move him to a private room!

Clearly, he’s going to be there for a while.

No more sharing a room with 4 other people, and having to listen to some unfortunate things. 😦

After his tray was cleared away, they started getting ready to move him out. They were going to wheel him over in the bed at first, but when he tried to lie down, even with the head raised, it was just too painful and difficult to breathe. In the end, they took him over in a wheelchair, and I followed along with his walker and some of his stuff. The bed table he’d been using to hold his CPAP, distilled water, etc. was just wheeled over.

The room is really awesome! He now has a side table he can use for his CPAP instead of the rolling bed table, a TV – with satellite, thanks to the donation of a local family that pays for the service for the entire hospital! – and his bathroom even has a shower in it! Not that he can use it; he is under strict orders not to try and shower without help.

As it is, he was able to get bathed this morning, and even brush his teeth. He felt like a new man again!

It’s the little things that make life better!

He is still losing breath way too easily, even having to gasp for more air while using his CPAP (he doesn’t dare increase the pressure, as it then begins to force air into his stomach, and he’s bloated enough, already!). His bed is also a scale, so they can weigh him at any time. I was there when they weighed him yesterday morning, and again, just before they moved him. They weigh in kilograms, but I converted and calculated (because I still think in pounds instead of kilos); he’s lost about 18 pounds of fluid in about 24-28 hours! He’s still puffed up, but visibly improved.

One of the things we learned today is that he does not have an appointment for the heart tests in the city; there is just the requisition for one. That is likely why they took advantage of an available room and moved him. It’s hard to know how long it’ll be, before that gets worked out. Plus, they want to keep him in the hospital until his body reaches the “reset” point, as his doctor put it, and will start eliminating fluids the way it’s supposed to again.

I hope it doesn’t take long. We miss him terribly. Even the house feels empty without him.

I stayed with him after he was transferred, until he had to lie down and sleep again. Then I headed out for lunch and ran some errands – and ran into an old friend at the gas station (a different one, this time. *L*). Then I stayed with him until it was time to pick up my daughter, and she was able to visit with him for a while, too.

Hopefully, both of them will be able to visit him tomorrow. I have a lot of phone calls to make once office hours start, first. Not knowing how long he will be in the hospital means cancelling and re-scheduling quite a few things that were coming up in the next month, including medical appointments.

Ah, well. It is what it is! We just have to deal with what comes, as it happens. As my dad used to say, “can’t complain; it wouldn’t help, anyways!” 😀

The Re-Farmer

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