All Three Litters

This morning, I was able to get images of all three litters of kittens!

In the sun room, it was easier to get video than still shots.

All of Butterscotch’s babies have their eyes open now.

You can even hear Butterscotch purring as I took the video! The shake at the end there was her finally pushing her way under my hand to get to her kittens. 🙂

Beep Beep seemed really happy to see me. I gave them both treats, right next to them, so they wouldn’t have to leave their babies to eat them. Butterscotch came out anyways, but she is not as into the treats as much as Beep Beep, who started looking for more! 🙂

I was so happy to hear Beep Beep purring away as I pet her – and even got to touch one her kittens!

While putting food out for the cats outside, I checked on Rosencrantz as well. She ran off when I came close to the old dog house, so when I put the kibble out, I put some right outside the opening.


It’s not as easy to get pictures of these ones. 😀

By the time I came back from putting the bird seed out, she was happily eating the cat food by her kittens, instead of the food by the house, so I think she appreciated the gesture. 🙂

We’re just overflowing with babies! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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