Blowing in

I swung by the beach this morning, after dropping my daughter off at work. The last time I was there, the water was free of ice.

It isn’t, anymore. It’s harder to tell in the photo above, but there is ice covering the water in the distance.

The lake narrows a bit in this area; enough that we can just see the far side (visible in the top and bottom photos). It extends a considerable distance to the north, and the ice is being blown south.

It was moving so fast, I could see the ice coming closer to the beach, even in the short time I was there. You can even see how much closer it came between this photo, and the one at the top, which were taken less than a minute apart.

For a lake as large as this one, it will take a long time for the ice to clear on all of it.

The Re-Farmer

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