Critter of the Day: just jogging (plus bonus mystery critter)

We haven’t been seeing deer much lately, though as fall approaches, we are starting to see them in the fields as we drive by again.

Once in a rare while, I will see on in the trail cam, going down our driveway and jumping the chain. I haven’t seen any since the gate got replaced.

Until I checked the files, yesterday.

The motion sensor was triggered by this lone deer, jogging down the road! 😀

I also saw something interesting flash by during the night.

This time, I was seeing enough that I do think it is some kind of small bird. There are definitely tail feathers in there, and the flight pattern is bird-like.

We have been getting a LOT of insects at night. On the live feed from the new security camera on the garage, it sometimes looks like the effects from a sci-fi show for warp speed or hyperdrive! Or like driving through a snow storm in winter. I’ve even seen larger things flash by that at times I’ve been able to identify as bats (so exciting! We have bats!!!!).

Whatever this thing is, I’m happy to see that we have night critters chowing down on the snow storms of insects!

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