Morning smiles – and a surprise!

When visiting the kittens this morning, I was viciously attacked!

By a Nicco! 😀

Saffron has one eye that is a bit gooby, so I took the time to clean and medicate it. Then, after they’d all had a chance to devour some wet cat food, they all went after my legs!

They are tearing my clothes to shreds. 😀

Also, they really, really like my shoelaces.

Even Beep Beep got in on the action!

For a cat that has spent her entire life outdoors, she is really taking to this “inside” thing – and having access to people to cuddle!

Later on, while checking the trail cam files, I found a lovely surprise.

Other than discovering that FedEx made a delivery after we got home yesterday, and left a package shoved into the gate. I never even saw it, when I did my rounds! If I hadn’t seen the video, I would never have known until this afternoon. I was expecting it to come in the mail, tomorrow.

No, it was this surprise that really made me smile.

That baby is so adorable!!!

They found a spot in the fence where they can both squeeze through the barbed wire, without the mom having to jump it.

The baby can fit through any part of the fence, just by ducking its head. 😀

So sweet!

Also, there’s a package in the middle of that gate. It was shoved into the chain.

Even while walking up the driveway this morning, knowing it was there, I couldn’t see it until I was almost right at the gate!

At least FedEx can find our place. Unlike UPS. !!

Lots to smile about, this morning. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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