First, the fun stuff

Forecasts for today were for a high of 29C/84F, with the humidex at 33C/91F, with afternoon thunderstorms. So I wasn’t expecting to accomplish much outside.

In the end, I wouldn’t have been able to, anyhow. Pain levels are pretty high today. As long as I’m just walking on level ground, I’m okay – I’m just limping and hobbling like a decrepit old lady 😉 – but any sort of step sends shooting pains in my right knee.

I’ve been using my husband’s bath chair more than he has, lately! 😀

I was still able to do my rounds, as usual, though.

Rolando Moon has been hanging out in this tree, and on the roof, lately! She is so deceptively adorable. 😀

She even joined me when I was switching out the trail cam memory cards.

We have some new flowers I wasn’t expecting yet, this morning.

My mother has had a small flower garden along the East side of the house for as long as I can remember. This iris is near where we now keep the bird feeder. They and some lilies were completely crowded out by other greenery (I’m not sure they those were planted deliberately or not) and chickweed, but I managed to weed them out at least a bit. There were no signs of buds anywhere, then suddenly, this morning, there were two flowers!

Still no signs of other buds, though!

In checking the garden plots, it seems to me that something might be eating our beet greens in one of the plots. I’d thought at first that the cats were digging in the garden again, and that’s why it looked like there were fewer beets, but as I weeded, I noticed bare stems. It might be deer, but while I have been seeing deer at the gate in the trail cams, they don’t look like they came from the yard at all, but more like they’d come from the direction of the barn. Plus, I would expect deer to do more than nibble a few leaves here and there. I suppose hares are another possibility, but with the presence of yard cats, I don’t think we actually get them in the yard. So I’m not sure what’s going on there.

With no plans to work outside, I made a trip into town. I wanted to pick up a Dremel tip so I could finish my spoon, as well as pick up another litter pan for the basement. The kittens are getting bigger, and one pan isn’t enough for them anymore! The kittens were thrilled, which is pretty funny. Who knew litter pans could be so much fun for kittens?

I’ll post about how the carving went, separately. While I was working, however, I did have company!

Two Face and David joined the kittens, too. Between playing with them, and crawling all over me, the kittens got tired right out! 😀

When I was done and started up the stairs, I found someone looking at me!

David found one of the kittens’ favorite spots!

Then he “pounced”. 😀

What a funny boy!

While uploading photos to write this post, we lost our internet as a thunderstorm rolled by. From the looks of the weather radar, there is a very long, narrow storm system heading our way, so I think I’d better get to my other post, then shut the computer down, while I have time! 😀

Uh oh. Looks like we lost internet again… oh, it’s back. For now.

It’s going to be an interesting evening!

The Re-Farmer

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