Our first haskap berries

I was out doing my rounds a lot earlier than usual, though I skipped tending to the kittens for later. My husband needed to go into town to get his blood work done – something that has been postponed several time already – and we were planning to get there for when the lab opened.

Of course, since I had something scheduled in the morning, my brain decided that sleep was not going to happen.

Yeah. I was up all night.

It turned out to be a gorgeous morning. We were at 9C! (48F) It was absolutely wonderful!

Not wonderful enough to make me a morning person, but I did appreciate it. šŸ˜€

One of the things I made sure to check was our haskap bushes. The flowers in the bed around them have grown high enough to almost completely hide the bushes, even though I made a point of pulling up anything growing near the haskap. In time, the haskap will be taller than the flowers, but that might take a couple more years.

I was sure the female haskap had died last fall, but it has recovered remarkably well. I had noticed a couple of flowers, and then some berries forming, so I wanted to see how they are doing.

There are actually 2 berries here; one is still green, and is hidden by the ripe one. In another spot, I found a couple more berries, one ripe, one green.

It looks like that’s all we’ll get this year. Which I am happy with, since the alternative would have been trying to find a replacement female plant, and I just haven’t seen them at all in the garden centres this year. I had hoped to get 1 or 2 more female plants anyway (the ratio for pollination on these is 1 male for every 3 females), but there were none to be had.

That’s okay. Next time, I want to order them from Vesey’s instead. I think I’ll get better quality plants from them.

Until then, I am happy with our bitty baby berries!

The Re-Farmer

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