My goodness, it’s wicked out there this morning!

That -12C (10F) isn’t too bad. It’s the -21C (-5F) wind chill!

Actually, I’m pretty sure that in our yard, the wind chill is more severe than that!

The amazing thing is that we are supposed to reach 0C (32F) by this evening.

The winds are driving into our yard from the south/southeast. One thing we have noticed since moving here is that it’s those south winds that are the worst! When it comes time to plant more shelter belt trees, that is where we will need to focus on.

With the cat house and kibble house, the winds are driving right into the active areas. There isn’t much we can do about it. Even shifting the kibble house to more of a 90 degree angle with the cat house, wouldn’t do much with these winds. The good thing is, when my brother built the shelter for his dogs, he added on that “porch”, and the entry has two layers of carpet strips. Without those strips, the wind would be blowing straight into the opening, even with the kibble house sheltering it more. Any wind that does get in is going into the “porch” area, and not affecting the main part of the shelter very much, so the kitties are still cozy inside.

The kibble house is working out very well, though. The inside is sheltered from the wind almost completely, so the cats can eat in peace. Even the gap under the kibble house is quite sheltered. The sheet of insulation I put under there (the photo is from when that was done; it was too cold to take photos this morning!) actually blocks spaces where the wind would be getting in from the south, since it fits under the support pieces.

The water bowls are not sheltered, though. The heated bowl near the entrance – which had ice forming across the top, again! – has some shelter, but the others along the side of the cat house are getting the full brunt of the wind.

I think, next year, we should build another small shelter for the non-heated water bowls. Depending on how it’s positioned, it can act as a wind break, while still allowing sunlight to reach the one window of the cat house they love to sit in so much! πŸ™‚

Amazingly, I still had cats following me around while I was switching out the memory cards on the trail cams. Poor Potato Beetle was shivering when I picked him up and carried him back to the house. The silly boy had been up on the roof, earlier. No shelter up there!

I am so glad we don’t need to go anywhere today.

Doing bread baking and laundry sounds really good right now! πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

13 thoughts on “Wicked!

    • Thank you. They can be, for sure! Though I am a bit spoiled by our mild winter, so far. Normally, we’d be in the -20C, before wind chill, this time of year! Hopefully, January and February – which were absolutely brutal, the past two winters – will also remain mild!


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