A good day for a hot cup of tea!

Ah, how looks can be deceiving!

Outside my window, the sky is clear, the sun shines brightly, and not a twig or branch in my view is moving from anything other than birds landing on them.

As I write this, our temperature has warmed up to -24C/-11.2F, with a wind chill of -34C/-29.2F When I headed outside to do my rounds this morning, it was -25C/-13F with a wind chill of -38C/-36F.

At those temperatures, even the heated water bowl starts to freeze over! There’s actually a layer of ice forming under the frosted areas that you can just barely see.

Nutmeg was content to watch me from the comfort of their shelter!

I am so thankful my brother went through all that effort to bring their old dog house for us to use. It’s working out so well for the cats!

The cats that did come out into the cold were much more interested in the fresh warm water than the fresh food! The cat equivalent of a hot cup of tea on a cold day. ๐Ÿ˜€

When switching out the memory cards in the trail cams, I of course had to warm up the new camera with my hands, just to be able to see the screen. I wanted to see how it would take the micro disc my husband gave me.

Alas. I still got the “incompatible” message and had to format it in the camera, even though I made sure to format it on my computer. The card may be the same brand as the other one, but I guess it’s not an “ultra”. At some point, I’ll just have to buy another one of the card that works without having be formatted every time. At least I know what’s going on, now, and what I need to do to be able to see the screen.

At some point, the other camera is going to need to be replaced, too, so we’re already doing research on cameras more like the new one, but better able to handle the cold. We should have plenty of time, but I’d like to get one before it’s needed. I can’t complain about what we have. It’s still an excellent camera for the price, and I really appreciate some of the features it has, and the faster processing speed.

And now, it is time for another cup of tea… ๐Ÿ™‚

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “A good day for a hot cup of tea!

  1. Your computer and camera appear to use different formats. I should be able 2 spout the 2 options off the top of my head… FAT32 and NTFS. I think there’s an easy option to change the type of formatting the computer does.. right click and select the format type before selecting “format”.

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    • I’m hoping that’s all it is. I’ll know in 2 days, when the card gets switched back again.

      I just double checked the formatting options. I’ve always just used “quick format”, and never had to do otherwise. The default is FAT32, plus there’s NTFS and exFAT on the drop down list.

      The camera instructions just said to format the card before using it. Nothing about types. :-/


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