“Outdoor activity is potentially life threatening…”

My older daughter were both up late again, chatting about the frigid temperatures we’ve been having. She joked about a comment she read on her phone’s weather app, so I just had to check mine.

This was screen capped at just past 1:30am. -32C wit the wind chill bringing it down to -40C.

Also known as -25.6F/-40F

My daughter had been chatting with an international group of people and the temperatures had come up. After she told them what we were at, someone from the US responded with a “oh, for a minute there, I thought you mean Fahrenheit!” They were rather shocked to find out that -40 is the same for both. 😀

That whole “potentially life threatening” warning, though. Yikes!

As I am writing this, The Weather Network app has us at -31C/-45C (-23.8F/-49F), while my Accuweather app on my phone has us warmed up to -30C/-42C (-22F/-43.6F).

Our expected high of -27C isn’t supposed to happen until late this afternoon, so it was bundle up time to do the morning rounds.

I made sure to have nice, warm water for the kitties!

I am concerned about Creamsicle Jr.

I noticed something wrong with is left eye a few days ago. He won’t let me near him, though, so zooming in with my phone’s camera is the best I can do to get a better look.

I can’t tell if it’s a scratch over his eye, or if his eye is leaking.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it. We can’t catch him to even get a closer look, never mind putting him in a carrier and driving him to a vet.

Poor thing. As if putting up with these temperatures wasn’t bad enough on its own. 😦

The Re-Farmer

13 thoughts on ““Outdoor activity is potentially life threatening…”

    • I hope so. Leaky eyes on the cats is not that unusual, though. We ended up catching 1 kitten only because his eyes were so bad, they were stuck shut and he was blinded. The vet says it’s herpes, and if the one has it, we can be pretty sure they all have it. :-/


    • Yes, it is. Last winter was even worse, in that we had waves of very cold and extreme cold. At least this year, we have had more normal “mild” temperatures in between. Polar vortexes are normal, but the severity can be very different from year to year!

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      • That is a very good question, and one that concerns us. Right now, we have the fire pit and my brother have us their big BBQ grill they weren’t using anymore, so we can at least cook food. We could also focus on keeping one room warm in various ways. However, no electricity means no water and no toilet; our septic tank is on a pump, rather than gravity. This is why I really want to get an outdoor bathroom built, with a composting toilet (we have an outhouse, but it is unsafe to use). I am also hoping we can get the old well working again. It was designed for both electricity and manual pumping.

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      • I suppose so, though we don’t have the set up for it. The only thing affordable for propane is the BBQ tank! LOL

        The major concern, if we lose power, is actually my husband. No power means no CPAP, which means he can’t breathe while he sleeps. His sleep apnea is unusually severe (he sleep test is probably still the stuff of texbooks!). So a small generator is on our list of emergency preparedness items, just for that.

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