Welcome to March!

Can you believe this???

These are the temperatures, screencapped just minutes before I started this post.

That’s right. We’re at -28C/-18F with a wind chill of -32C/-26F. Actually, the wind chill was reading at -35C/-31F when I did the (short version!) morning rounds! I only saw Potato Beetle when I opened the sun room. Not a single other cat came out. He was more than content to let me put him back in the sun room and close the door!

This isn’t another Polar Vortex. This is Nature saying, “Welcome to March. Here’s a kick in the teeth for ya!”

In less than an hour from now, I’ll be leaving to bring the van in to get looked at. This isn’t an appointment. This is a drop off so he can look at it in between his appointments. Which means I have to hang out in town for who knows how many hours, until he’s had a chance to check it and gives me a call. And because of the flippin’ Schrodinger’s virus restrictions, the only place I can go to is the grocery store across the street, because there isn’t a coffee shop or restaurant or anywhere indoors where anyone can just sit anymore. Keep in mind that this municipality hasn’t had a single case. Nor has ours. Nor has the municipality my mother lives in. There was only one person who turned out to have a false positive in the entire area, back in the summer. In fact, in looking at the official government stats for all cause deaths in this province, the pandemic never hit us. 2020 is indistinguishable from any year from 2014 on.

And get this. Tomorrow?

We’re supposed to reach a high of 2C/36F

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Welcome to March!

    • We are still under mask mandates, though some of the restrictions are easing up. Not enough to save many small businesses. We are being told that if we behave ourselves and get the vaccine, we *might* be allowed to not wear masks anymore – except for those pesky new variants that people are even more terrified of. I don’t expect the government to back off until they are forced to, but our general population is so cowed, who knows when that will happen. It’s like everyone forgot their basic, high school virology. 😦

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    • Chang, I expect. Lurching into a 30C different – in either direction – puts “brutal” on a whole new level!

      My poor husband can barely function from the pain these fluctuations are causing, even though inside the house is pretty constant.

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