Well, at least one will be done


One of my daughters and I had just loaded the 3 cat carriers into the van for their appointment with the vet, when my other daughter came running out.

She had just found the cat food bin in the basement had been knocked off the shelf, spilling kibble all over the floor.

Which means Tissue and Big Rig would have eaten during the night.

I went into town with all three, anyhow. Once parked near the clinic, which wasn’t open yet, but I had a signal. I texted the same person who contacted me the first time we tried this, even though I wasn’t sure she even had a shift today. As I was messaging her, I did see someone unlock the door and go in, though.

I did get a response saying that they would typically reschedule, due to the risk during anesthesia. Potato Beetle was alone in the sun room, though, so he was good to go. Then she asked if I was at the clinic. I told her I was parked outside. Next thing I knew, the woman I saw going in was waving to me at my window! 😄

She took Potato Beetle in with her. We’ve been there often enough, he remembered my daughter’s name – all the cat files are under her name in their system. Her computer wasn’t even up and running, yet, so she wouldn’t be able to check him in. She told me I’d get a phone call from someone else later, and we could do the paperwork over the phone, and the ladies will be rescheduled.

Well, at least Potato is getting done, and we’ll soon be able to let him out of the sun room. He will only need 4 days for recovery. After that, when it’s time to put Tissue and Big Rig for their fast again, we can use the sun room to isolate them.

One out of three is better than none!

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Well, at least one will be done

  1. Oh gosh…silly cats! I watched my son’s cat hop up on the table, eye the cat food container, paw at it and purposefully push it to knock it off the table, splat, mess on the floor, yes, he did it, he jumped down, started eating all the cat food he wanted, with me right there watching the whole thing! Don’t mind me, doesn’t care if he gets caught, one track mind….Lolol…..smart cat!!!!!

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  2. Why such a long recovery? The TNR spay/neuters around here usually request 24hr recovery but will do some kind of modification for outdoor cats so they can be released the same night. But I know there are lots of different ways to spay/neuter.

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