Finally done, kitty progress, and a beat up Shop Towel!

First, the good stuff about Marlee.

She may still snarl and growl at the other cats, but she’s doing really well. Last night, I put her on my bed and she actually stayed for a while, rolling around and streeeeettcching herself out. I sent a picture to the cat lady, who was shocked. She’d never shown them her belly!

The outside cats have been pretty excited about their wet cat food treats this morning, with a couple of them cleaning out the bowl for me. I’ve been mixing in some lysine before doling it out.

I spotted the tuxedo in his favourite spot under the cat house, so he got a big dollop. I later spotted the bitty tabby under the cat house in a different spot, but couldn’t get a picture. Pinky kept blocking my view!

I left quite early to take my mother’s car to the garage, and my daughters took turns supervising the cats in my room, and indulging Marlee. She has started to jump up onto the bed with them, and rolling around while being petted. She still snarls and growls at most of the other cats, but she was okay with lying on my bed next to Cheddar, which is awesome.

Cheddar is really good with other cats!

Big Rig has been a pain! She wants out of the room, but when we did let her out, she immediately went after one of the other cats. She has only a tiny incision, but if she’s going to be picking fights with other cats, we’re going to have to keep her isolated longer, to give it more time to heal. The last thing we want is for her to open it up because she’s being a big B to the other cats! The problem is, even when being kept in my room, she’s been going after Butterscotch, too! I’m not impressed with her. 🤨

As I write this, she’s made her way onto my arms and is currently using one of my elbows as a pillow, while her body is sliding down and pushing my keyboard further and further away.

She makes it quite difficult to type!

While I was in town, I was early enough to fill my mother’s gas tank and get a car wash. I figured the mechanic deals with enough filthy vehicles. Especially with our current temperatures hovering around freezing, making for some very messy roads. When I dropped off the keys, I was still almost an hour early, so I went for lunch. He wasn’t very busy, and since I was just there for an oil change and coolant check, he got it in and finished before my official appointment, so it was ready and waiting when I got back. It has been so long since the oil was changed (thankfully, it doesn’t get used all that much), the tag from wherever it was done last was unreadable. Whoever did it last hadn’t done a good job, and it may have been leaking slightly all this time. The oil level was a bit low when I checked it, but not much, so it wasn’t too bad, at least. The filter was changed and the coolant topped up as well, and now my mother’s car is very happy! I could feel the difference as I drove home.

Gotta make sure it never gets that long between oil changes again!!!

By the time I got home, it was time to feed the outside cats again. This time, I saw Shop Towel coming a lot closer than usual – he was smelling that wet cat food and I could see he was wanting some! I don’t know of there was any left, by the time he showed up. My focus is on making sure the bitties get their fill.

Shop Towel (aka: Sad Face) was not looking good today!

He has clearly been in fights recently. You can even see blood in his fur on his side. We haven’t been hearing any cat fights, so this likely happened at one of the other farms in his territory.

I want to snuggle that sad faced boy so badly!

I ended up sending a picture to the cat lady. I told her, this isn’t one of our cats, but he’s been coming around for a few years. Because he’s so aggressive with our male cats, we haven’t been encouraging him to stick around, aside from filling his belly. We’re not exactly chasing him off, either. We’d love to actually befriend him, but not with the way he behaves with the other cats. I suggested that, if we could ever trap him, he’d be a good candidate for a TNR.

Much to my surprise, the cat lady said that she knows of a farm with no other cats where he could be released! That would be ideal for him – and there would be a better chance of him being at least somewhat socialized, if he’s not fighting for territory with other males.

Of course, the idea of a farm that doesn’t have cats is just… so foreign to me! 😄 Usually, they just show up.

Now that the car is taken care of and the cats brought home, we actually have some quiet time over the next while. No trips to the city, no errands, no more waiting for the roofers… I can actually stay home for the next few days! About the only thing I expect to need to do is help my mother with her shopping, now that her car is done.

I look forward to tucking my head into my shell and being a hermit for a while!

The Re-Farmer


9 thoughts on “Finally done, kitty progress, and a beat up Shop Towel!

  1. Your posts always remind me of the end of the 101 Dalmations when Roger is singing “Dalmatian Plantation”. You have a cat plantation. Those cats are blessed to have someone to care about them. I wish they could all have homes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I like cat plantation better than colony!

      I keep forgetting that we’re doing anything out of the ordinary, until I hear the cat ladies stories about other colonies. I just can’t imagine NOT take care of them!

      I’m just so thankful that we got connected with the cat lady. She’s doing so much to help us find homes for them, and to at least try to reduce how many kittens we will get next year! She is just so awesome!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been having that same arm/cat/keyboard issue today!!

    Thx for taking care of all the kitties… and your mom’s car!! Wanna run mine to a dealer to get the tire pressure warning reset? (tires were replaced but there’s a hidden button for sensor reset)

    Liked by 1 person

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