Sleepy baby

Would you look at that face!

Of all the inside cats we’ve had over the years, none has taken to cuddling with me at night like Nosencrantz has! She is very particular about it, and she has actually started to “bully” me to get with the routine! She goes to her corner of the bed which, unfortunately, she starts kneading, which I don’t want because she’s going to put holes in my sheets. Then she sticks her face into my hand, demanding I pet her head. Especially around the eyes. And if I’m doing some last minute checking of my phone before putting it on the charger, she will bash at it with her face until I pet her!

Then she spins around, shoves her head into my hand again, then drops her body down on my arm, the back of her head and neck in my hand, and stretched out to my elbow, while demanding I continue to pet her face with my fingers cupped around the back of her head! Since she also starts kneading again, I usually end up having to use my other arm to grab her front paws to stop her. End result, she’s tucked into a nest between my arms, and happily goes to sleep.

Sometimes when I get up in the morning, she stays, even after I straighten the covers over her.

Of course, all my bedding is absolutely covered in fur. It doesn’t even wash out completely anymore, it’s so stuck into the fibres!

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute, because she’s such a pain in the butt, too! 😄

The Re-Farmer


7 thoughts on “Sleepy baby

  1. I love pets that are aggressive about getting their petting!

    Toonces kneads my back, claws and all, and I generally allow it as long as I can because he can be so weird about cuddling.

    AshMomma, mostly feral, os still learning to request petting and it’s adorable as she nose dives just slightly too far for me to reach her

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