In for a penny, in for a pound.

This morning, I headed over to my mother’s place to drive her to the hospital to follow up on her blood filled eye.

Unfortunately, she continued to take the blood thinners, which she takes for her heart, that she was told to stop taking, because she said she felt really bad without them.

Once at the hospital, we got passed around from place to place; turns out that the hospital, clinic and lab are all in different areas of the same building.

Very long story short, the blood thinners are why her eye is the way it is; she may have scratched it herself, or just rubbed it really hard – she mentioned that the day before she’d gone into the hospital with my sister, her eye was really, really itchy, and she’d rubbed it hard because of that.  !!

The doctor that saw her decided to put her on a different heart medication that will involve injections, in place of the current blood thinner she is taking.  Thankfully, just before we was given the injection, I mentioned that she’d taken her regular meds this morning, and would that be a problem?

The nurse double checked, and yes, it would be!

So she will get her first injection tomorrow, and will continue to get them daily, until her eye clears.

Which means I’ll be driving her to the hospital every morning for probably the rest of the week.

In for a penny, in for a pound!  Taking on some of the driving of my mother to medical appointments was one of the things I intended to help with, after all!

Good thing my own schedule is clear.  And that I’ve got two handy daughters to help out their dad while I’m away.

Overall, the trip was good. My mother used a cane today, instead of her walker.  It doesn’t fold up, like my husband’s does, but I have plenty of room in the back of the van for it.  Ah, well.  At one point, I had gone ahead to open up the door for her, then watched her as she walked over.  This was the first time I’ve had a clear view of her leg that’s bothering her while she was walking for any distance.  Her knee is bent inwards quite severely!  She was largely walking on the inside of her foot.  I’ve offered to come earlier tomorrow morning to help her put on the brace she’s supposed to be wearing.  She agreed, which is a huge step forward.

Even with all the reroutes (including more blood work), we didn’t spent much time in the waiting rooms, and we were out in about 1 1/2 hours.  We had passed a restaurant on the way in, and she offered to take me to lunch there, but they weren’t open yet, so we ended up going back to her hometown and she took me out for lunch there, then I got her home.  She was pretty tired by then.

Tomorrow should be much shorter, at least.

Meanwhile, the girls did bread baking while I was away; they’ve been doing the basic sourdough recipe so regularly now, they don’t even need to bring out the cookbook anymore. 😀  They’re thinking of doing more tomorrow, except using The Rye of SourOn instead of Sir Sour Alot.

I showed them the pictures I was able to get of the deer I saw on the way home.  They told me Hungry Girl and Barbecue had come by while I was gone, both of which came back while I was uploading my phone pictures onto my Instagram.

I am thinking I might want to bring the DSLR with me tomorrow, just in case… 😀

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Hungry Girl and Barbecue today, but here are a couple of Hungry Girl for you to enjoy.


This one really stood out for me, when I saw that big, beautiful eye!

And then I saw this next one, and it made me laugh out loud.


Oh, how I love the goofy face pictures! 😀

The Re-Farmer





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