Maple Grove Clearing – the garden shed

Today would have been a perfect day to be mowing the lawn.

If we had a working lawn mower. 😦

So, I started working on the maple grove, instead.

And I am in heaven!

I got SO much done, and it looks so much better!  I took lots of pictures, though I didn’t think to start doing that until after I’d cleared quite a bit out.  I worked on three different areas, all kind of overlapping each other, with a priority on clearing the garden shed door.  These pictures were taken after I’d finished the shed area, so they’re all “after” shots.


The items in the foreground are a mess I had to clear maple suckers away from before I could start on it, including from the dead maple, which grew out of an old maple stump, near the middle of the photo.  With only a hand saw and pruning saws, I wasn’t up to taking this dead tree down yet.

Maples are almost indestructible!

I moved the picnic table to various areas so that I could stand on it to reach.  In particular, I wanted to clear the two trees leaning towards the house as much as possible.  Lots of dead branches on them.


I wasn’t able to get all of the dead and dying branches I wanted to.  Especially on the trunk in the foreground.  That one started to bounce when I started to cut farther along.  It’s already touching the roof and, with the bouncing, it was hitting the roof more, so I stopped.  That whole thing needs to come down, to protect the house.  I’m hoping that the weight I removed so far will make it at least a little bit less of a risk of falling on the roof.


Suckers from the tree on the far side of the shed had mostly covered the door.  Once it was clear as far as I could reach, I dragged the picnic table over and cut what I could from higher up.  Again, lots of dead or half dead branches.  That tree keeps going quite a bit further, over the opening to the garden.  It will need more cutting back.  We’ll need to assess it to see how much of a risk of collapsing there is, to decide how much.

The shed itself has very little life left in it, and there’s a hole in the roof.  My mother wants to replace it, though we could probably get another year out of this one.


The north side of the shed was overgrown with maple suckers.  I cut them back and discovered … stuff.  Including a milk crate.

When clearing up the mess by the chimney blocks, I took out the old bed frames (or whatever they are) and those are now leaning against the shed in this space.  Basically, I’m putting all the junk in one place for when we hire someone to haul it away.

Also to the north of the shed is a dead spruce tree, but it did have something growing on it…


The base of the dead spruce tree is on the left.  To the right of it are vines.  Some were already dead long enough to just pull out of the ground, while others needed to be cut.

Even as fast growing as these vines are, it takes a LONG time for them to develop such thick “trunks”!!  They may well be what killed the tree.


This pile is of the stuff I cut from the shed door, and the north side, only.  Most of this was blocking the door.  Plus, there’s a bit of what I cut from above the shed door.

Shed is now clear and accessible again!

On to upload photos of the next section…

The Re-farmer

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