First Wiener Roast of the year!

Last night, we decided to take advantage of the lovely evening, and have our first wiener 20180603.wierner.roast.fire3roast of the year! 😀

When I was a kid, we used to have these quite often.  I would go into the bush with a machete-type knife (we even found it while packing away my parents’ stuff!) and cut dogwood branches for roasting sticks.  They were perfect for it, naturally growing long, straight and supple.  Sometimes, I could get ones with a perfect Y shape.  The bark came off easily, and I would strip off the top several inches, then sharpen them to points.

At the end of the day, we’d get a fire going, roast wieners and stuff our faces with hot dogs, then finish off with marshmallows.  When we were done eating, it would be quite dark, and we would start burning our roasting sticks until the tips were glowing, then wave them around in the dark, using the red tips to create shapes of light in the air.

Sometimes, my parents hosted parties, and their friends from the city would come out with their kids, and there would be dozens of people all over.  Most of the time, though, it was just us kids.  We had a blast!

20180603.wierner.roast.tableThanks to the burning my daughter and I did earlier, when I cleared the yard to mow the lawn, I had a nice pile of sticks ready to set up for a fire.  We brought the hose (of course) and chairs.  We were thinking of moving the picnic table over, but it’s in serious need of cleaning, so the girls brought out one of our small folding tables, instead.

We’re going to have to invest in metal roasting forks soon.  I picked up a package of wooden roasting sticks along with the S’mores kit, and they are a bit too flammable and bouncy! 😀

I had hoped my husband could join us, even if just to sit on his walker while we roasted wieners for him, but he had to lie down for the night, before we even started. 😦

It got to watch a beautiful sunset while we set up and got the fire going.


I’m going to have to get out there with the weed trimmer. *L*

The outside cats were all over the place, checking out what we were doing!  Rolando Moon staked out a spot on the log pile to watch us.  The hose sprays water at where two hoses join, and at the nozzle, and the cats played with the spray!

At one point, while I was sitting and eating, Rolando Moon actually jumped up onto my knee!  That’s a first.  Even the friendliest ones are still quite stand offish, so this is a big step in at least Rolando Moon’s comfort levels with us.


Ah… perfect for toasting those wieners!


We made some S’mores – that’s something we never did when I was a kid.  I didn’t even hear of them until after I had my own kids.

I find I really enjoy toasting marshmallows, and getting that perfect state of golden brown on the outside, and all melty on the inside.

Problem with that is, I don’t actually enjoy eating them.  Too sweet!

None of us are all that big on sweets, so while the hot dogs disappeared quickly, there’s still lots of S’more making supplies! 😀

Best part was, the entire night, we only saw one mosquito!

There is at least that one benefit to the dry spring we had!


After a while, we just hung out to watch the fire die down.

I hope we will be able to do this often.  Even if we don’t have wiener roasts, to at least get a fire going and enjoy the evening.  We have a lot of wood we need to use up, and will be adding more as the clean up continues, so why not? 😀

It was a fantastic evening!

The Re-Farmer

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