Today was a day for visiting. We even got a visit from my brother's dog, this morning. 🙂 I think we need to add "dog" to the list of critters we've been feeding - he does seem to enjoy the cat kibble! 😀 Then it was time for me to go and visit my mother. … Continue reading Visiting

Clean up: spruce grove perimeter – the junk pile!

Okay. So, I knew there was a fair bit of junk piled on and around a piece of equipment next to the garage. I didn't realize just how bad it was. Wow. So let's start with some before photos. I'm still just amazed by the fact that someone dragged a toilet over here. . Before … Continue reading Clean up: spruce grove perimeter – the junk pile!

Clean Up: spruce grove perimeter, south side

It was such a beautiful day today - we hit 8C today - I couldn't resist!  I started working on the spruce grove perimeter again.  With the manual labour, the cooler temperatures are just perfect. Rather than start were I left off last time, I started near the outhouse and garage.  I want to be … Continue reading Clean Up: spruce grove perimeter, south side

Home Made Chicken Stock

The following is a "use watcha got" recipe to use up the carcasses of your cooked chicken (or turkey).  This stock is cooked down to be more concentrated, and should result in a rather firm, gel-like consistency when cool. Decide ahead of time how you will store your stock, and prepare in advance as needed.  … Continue reading Home Made Chicken Stock