Bonus critters, and a kitty gate

We had some new, furry visitors to our feeding station this morning!

This is a first for us to see raccoons! 🙂

They are so fuzzy!!! Like round little bears. 😀

This morning, I also figured out a way to let the mama cats out of the sun room, while keeping the babies in.

I noticed a whiteboard I had in storage, and gave it a try. The whiteboard is too slippery for the kittens to climb, and even if they managed to climb up the jugs I shoved against it to keep it from tipping, the marker ledge should keep them from being able to climb over. The remaining question was whether or not the moms would jump over it, and if they would knock it down when jumping back.

As my daughter and I were heading out to go to town, I heard a noise and saw that Beep Beep had jumped it, without knocking it down. When I came back later, however, it seemed the Butterscotch hadn’t figured it out yet. So I just lifted her over. You can actually see her in the photo, at the old dog house, where she promptly went to eat some grass! She has since returned to the sun room, and the kitten gate is still up, so it seems to be working.

The kittens, meanwhile, were content to ignore the set up.

They had all been sprawled on that blanket until they saw me moving around. A few came to check things out, then stayed to play.

This one, however, just luxuriated…




In other things, we have not been able to work on painting the gate again, yet. We had a good rain during the night, so it was still wet when we went into town. I’m hoping to get some more done this evening, once it starts to cool down a bit. At least the area that’s already painted is no longer tacky to the touch! Tomorrow, I’ll be driving my mother to a medical appointment, so if I get some painting done today, that’ll give it plenty of time to cure tomorrow. No rain is predicted overnight, so that should help, too. We’ll see how it works out.

For now, we’re just staying out of the heat!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Bonus critters, and a kitty gate

  1. Raccoons….sigh….. I think I could put a combination lock on a door and if the raccoons thought there was something good behind the door, they would just “pick” the lock.

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    • *L* Yes, they can be a problem! We have been pretty fortunate out here. They have better things to go for than people stuff. The “worst” I’m aware of is raccoons having babies in the rafters of my sister’s garage. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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