A slow day for me today.  So… first, the fun stuff!

I wasn’t around to see if any deer came today, though from the looks of the feeding station, they were certainly here.

So instead, I have a cat picture for you!


DaBoy sure loves the top of the piano!  His mom doesn’t go up there.  She’s not as good of a jumper, and there’s nothing close that she can use to take it in stages.  He was just so adorable, with his face hanging over the edge, I had to get a picture!

Yesterday, I spent a long time stirring a pot to make this…


It is a delicious failure.  I’d doubled the recipe for a type of cream fudge I’d made recently, and I just didn’t cook it down long enough, I think, even though I’d cooked it for at least 45 minutes, stirring constantly.  It’s an attempt to recreate a type of Polish cream fudge that is so addictive.  It has a unique texture that is hard to match, and this doesn’t match it at all.  Leaving it overnight to cool and set didn’t change the texture as much as I’d expected. It still tastes great, though!

Once I’ve got it worked out, I will share the recipe.

Oh, dear!  One of my daughters just came by to share with me something that had happened upstairs.  They were talking and when she laughed, her sister could actually see her breath!

It’s just a touch chilling up there!!!

They moved the heater into the room they were in.

That upstairs needs a lot of work.


Today, I focused on doing something I have been letting stew in my brain for a while; figuring out what to do about the Co-op withholding our shares.  That resulted in my spending what ended up being about 4 hours, working on a letter.  Doing it meant having to revisit a pretty traumatic time, and has left me feeling drained.  Then after a break to help with the bread baking, I went back to it to add in something I’d forgotten, then go over it for typos.  It was difficult, and I am recognizing the damage living there has done to me, and that even though we don’t live there anymore, it is still affecting my mental health.

Now that I’ve written it, though, I have to do something with it.

I am not looking forward to it.

Moving away from there was supposed to end this toxic garbage.  Ah, well.  I’ve never been one to avoid doing the right thing, just because it’s difficult.

The Re-Farmer




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