Do I See What I Think I See?

I just finished going through my photos of the feeding station today.

Mama and the twins came by nice and early, and even stood together in a lovely grouping that allowed me to get photos of all three of them, at once.


How considerate of them. 😀


“Hey!  Hey, Mom!  Look at me!  My nose is all tickley.”

I got a couple of good ones with a blue jay.  I really liked this one.


Something about that tilt of the head makes me smile.

Then the sun started shining on the feeding station, and Wow! did those feathers start to shine!


The camera just does not do justice to how must those brighter blues gleamed and glittered.  It was amazing to see!

Then a squirrel posed nicely for me.

It wasn’t until I was cropping the photo that I spotted something…


Is that green grass growing in there?!?!  There are so many little spruce tips on the ground, that’s what I thought it was at first, but no…

I think that really is new grass!

It’s only March.  We’re nowhere near done winter yet.  There’s a storm predicted for tomorrow evening, though we’re at the very northern edge of the expected path.  We should get a few centimeters of snow, at least.  While the long term forecasts are for warmer weather, there’s almost always at least one last blizzard in April that hits, before spring finally arrives.

Seeing that green right now is very interesting.  What it likely shows is how much warmer the darker areas are, even with snow under the dust and debris.  Little patches of micro-climates.


The Re-Farmer


2 thoughts on “Do I See What I Think I See?

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bird photographed up close from the back – and as you said the colors is so bright and rich. Those black lines really show up.
    It would be interesting to see some other birds in that same pose.

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    • That’s what I love about the zoom lens, even though it prevents me from taking some shots. I see so much more, once the images are uploaded., that i often can’t see in real life, because the subjects move so much. But capturing colour is something I am still working on!

      As for back shots, usually when the birds are facing away, its not back they are showing me, but butt. Lol.

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