Catching Up With Old Friends

Today was one of those weird days.

I woke up this morning, feeling like I was coming down with something – sore throat, stuffy nose, and my entire body aching.  Even all the knuckles in my fingers hurt.  So I took some pain killers and went back to bed.

I didn’t wake up again until 11!!

I was feeling better after that second sleep, but now I’m feeling exhausted, while having done nothing to warrant such fatigue.

My old daughter was a sweetheart and took care of the feeding of critters this morning.  She posted photos of a couple of cats on her tumblr, which are just too funny.   She even got photos on the big camera for me.,barrel

Rolando Moon was on her favorite spot on the old barrel.

Beep Beep settled herself in one of her favorite spots.

And yes, that is most definitely grass growing through the snow!

I’m guessing this is Nasty Crime Boy, up at the top of the dead spruce tree.


All those cats make the deer nervous! 😀

I was out for much of the day, heading into town to visit with an old friend from high school.  We’ve been trying to connect for a couple of months, now, and finally have!

It was so good to see her again, and there was so much to catch up on!  Too much for just one visit.

We’ll just have to get together again.  😀

When it comes to playing catch up with old friends after so long, I have been finding it difficult to maintain any sense of order or time.  We start talking about one thing, which leads us to jumping ahead a few years, or back even more years.  Or saying one thing would remind us of something else, only tangentially related.  One big change in playing catch up these days is something I appreciate about or technology.  We were both digging out our phones, able to share photos and video about so many things!  When we left this province, the first smart phones were still just coming out, and texting hadn’t even become that big of a thing, yet.  Very few phones had cameras, and none could take video, yet.  It’s much easier to share things with each other, now!  It’s pretty awesome!

One thing I definitely noticed, as we went through photos, a photo album and even an old high school year book (I could barely recognize our own faces!), is how many people we are now talking about in the past tense.  We’ve both lost siblings and parents, and an amazing number of people we went to school with are no longer with us.

I always knew we’d be reaching that point in our lives, but somehow I didn’t think we’d reach it quite so quickly.

After a wonderful visit, I took advantage of being in town and played a bit of Pokemon Go.  One of the new things about the game is that it reflects the local weather.

Or at least what the forecasters say should be the current weather.

We’ve had all sorts of storm warnings for the Southern half of the province.  We are just on the Northern edge of the forecasted storm area.  I figured we’d at least gets some snow, but we didn’t even get that.  Yet, according to the game, we should have been in the middle of the storm, and the game opened with an extreme conditions warning, where you have to tap a button that confirms, “yes, I’m safe” to continue to play the game!  It was rather funny.

While I was gone, the girls decided to bake some sourdough bread, and make some sourdough “piggies in blankets” – sourdough bread wrapped around wieners and baked.  They even kneaded some shredded cheese into the dough for the piggies.  Hmm.  They were made with all beef wieners.  Maybe they should be called beefies in a blanket? LOL  One of these days, I’ll get some good pictures of them to share.  They’re a nice supper treat. 🙂

I have a wonderful family.

The Re-Farmer

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