Bird feeder

I recently picked up some more mixed bird seed and added it to our feeder.

I find it interesting, which seeds get eaten right away, and which get left behind.

And the lengths some birds will go to, to get their preferred seed, while ignoring other seeds that are easier to get to.

Like this nuthatch.


All the birds seem to prefer the same seeds.  Which is weird, as the seed blend is designed to appeal to a variety of birds.  Our visiting birds don’t seem to want variety in their food!

The above photo was taken yesterday, before the snow fell.  (I got some others, I will post over the next few days.)  Today, they were digging through the snow to get at the seeds.

They were being watched, as they did so!


The Outsider was very interesting in what they were doing up there!


Gosh, he’s an adorable cat.

When it gets dark out, we can still see the white of the hanging bird feeder, but the rest of the platform and stand is barely visible.

Last night, while sitting in my crochet corner, I noticed the hanging feeder swinging away and thought it was getting quite windy!  Then I saw some movement, as the stand itself seemed to move.  We’ve had wind gusts strong enough to knock it over, so that got my attention.

Which is when I saw the black shadow, moving around on the platform feeder.  A splash of white came into view, and I found Doom Guy, looking back at me though the window!

Too funny!

That makes three of the kittens that we’ve seen up on the platform feeder!  Makes me wonder how often it happens, when we’re not there to see it. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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