Ah, life.

Today was my “day of rest”, during my daughter’s short shift. It was warm enough that I was able to do quite a bit of walking (playing Pokemon Go, of course. 😉 ), and was able to check out the conditions at the beach, too.

In the distance, you can see a ridge of ice on the lake. Beyond that is pretty much open water. At this time of year, and at these temperatures, the winds and waves are keeping the lake quite open, even in this comparatively narrow section of it; narrow enough that we can just see the opposite shore, though not in this photo. It will be some weeks, at least, before the ice is thick enough to drive on, and the ice fishing huts start getting set up.

I found some interesting rocks and driftwood to take home, got to chat with another beach scrounger who was looking for fairy stones, got asked to take some pictures of some tourists, and had chat with a nice lady who saw me looking around in the sand and thought I’d lost something! 😀

I’ve learned to appreciate these few hours of recharging time. It’s been a pretty busy week.

One of the things we had on our calendar was the appointment for my husband with the heart clinic in the city. Which just happened to get rescheduled on the same day as my mother’s doctor’s appointment that I was planning to drive her to. Thankfully, my sister was able to take my mother, so I didn’t have to reschedule that one.

My husband’s appointment went well. There had been an increase in one of his heart medications that he was already on, and this time they increased a different one. They have targets on 3 medications that they are shooting for, and each will be slowly adjusted until either they reach the target, or something happens that tells them to back off. With this particular medication, one of the side effects can be fatigue. For some people who get the side effect, it is severe enough that they cannot function, so they back off to the previous dose. It’s something we have to look out for.

They did an EKG while he was there, and his readings are just fine. They went through the list of symptoms (shortness of breath, dizziness, fluid retention, etc.) with him, and he’s had none of them. His weight is pretty steady and his blood pressure and heart rate are well within normal ranges, though with his ejection fraction at only 25%, they want to get his heart rate lower. He has no signs of fluid retention. They asked about his angiogram, which had showed his arteries are clear and clean.

Basically, he’s a guy with a heart condition, but no symptoms of a heart condition. There is nothing to tell them why his ejection fraction is so low!

Of course, they asked about his exercise habits, and while he does try to do things like get out and walk a bit, or do tai chi, he isn’t doing it as often as they want him to. When asked why, it’s like he’s having to remind them about his back injury – the reason he’s there with a walker. They take notes every time, but this is a heart clinic, and that’s what their focus is on, so it’s like everyone forgets that his heart is not his disability. His heart is not why he uses a walker. Once it comes up, they recognize that, oh, right, he physically cannot do X,Y or Z, and they don’t give him a hard time about it. It’s just frustrating that it keeps having to come up as some sort of background thing, when it really should be in the foreground, since the pain is constant and not well controlled by the medications. Not well enough for any sort of quality of life.

Still no call from the pain clinic, and our general practitioner is gone at the end of this month.

I did remember to tell them about losing our regular doctor, and gave them the name of the new doctor we’ll be seeing for the first time, early next month. My husband will get some blood work done at the lab at the clinic when we go for that appointment. He needs to be at the new dosage for his medication at least a week before he gets the blood work done, then get another done a week or so later. That, at least, can be done at any lab, so we won’t have to drive 40 minutes one way, every time he needs to get blood work done.

This evening, I finally had a chance to call my mom to find out how her appointment went (we will be going to the same clinic as she is, now). It was to renew her prescriptions, so it was pretty quick. Her new doctor, however, is also leaving! Another doctor has been found to take over her patients, though, so my mother won’t have the same issue we did. This doctor has not been here for long at all.

That’s a huge problem with rural clinics. The turnover rate for doctors is very high. For some, like our own doctor, it’s due to things outside their control, but for others… well… not a lot of them want to work outside the cities. I have no idea why this doctor is leaving after such a short time, though.

Meanwhile, my older brother had come out to visit my mother today; a long trip for him, and he’s still recovering from surgery, so not a comfortable one. One of the things he does when he comes out is go through and clean up her answering machine. My mother can play messages, but after that, she doesn’t know what to do with them. My brother likes for her to leave them until he can check them, though, in case our vandal has left messages on her machine again. Sure enough, somewhere among several dozen messages (including many hangups), there was one. Apparently, my mother has ruined his life (again? still?) and now he’s blaming her for having to go to court. It was a confusing message, but it sounds like he’s actually going through with trying to sue either me or my mother. Though I am the one who decided to press charges, after I caught him on video vandalizing the gate, he’s been telling my mom that she is the one who ruined his life.

The last time he dropped off one of his harassing letters with her and the police went and had a talk with him, the officer told me he came out yelling at them, even as they were getting out of their vehicle. The officer told me he’s said something about wanting to sue me.

What we can’t figure out is, what would he sue us (me?) for?

The problem is, he clearly has a less than ethical lawyer willing to go along with him, and given some of the bizarre accusations he’s made, he could well have invented any number of things, and the courts would have no way of knowing if it was true or not.


Things have been quiet here, in regards to our vandal. I’ve seen his vehicle on the trail cam, slow down while going by our driveway a couple of times. Both times, it was on days I’d gone out with the van for just a short while, so I left the garage door open. You can see from the road that it’s open, though not much else. One morning, while I was putting deer and bird feed out earlier than usual, I saw him drive by on the other road, slowing down to watch me through the leafless trees.

We have had zero contact with him since he got caught vandalizing the gate. Since the court decided to defer the charges to a restitution committee, he doesn’t have any court dates to deal with (unless, for some reason, something has happened with the restitution committee that we don’t know about). I suppose he’s still required to see a mental health practitioner regularly, but whether he’s actually doing that or not, we have no idea. At our end, it’s completely quiet. Yet, at his end, apparently, things are still happening, and it’s my/my mother’s fault?


We don’t need this headache.

And I have no idea what we can do about it.

Could life please stay calm and boring? I really like calm and boring.

The Re-Farmer

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